20th Annual Avid Awards Recognize Leading Canadian Builders For Outstanding Homebuyer Satisfaction

Mountainview Building Group Named Avid Gold Award Winner for Production Home Building in Ontario

April 24, 2023 - The Avid Awards serve as a reliable indicator of customer service quality in the homebuilding sector. Since 1992, Avid Ratings has played a pivotal role in increasing transparency regarding builder performance based on consumer feedback. To determine the Avid Award recipients, homebuilders are assessed using Avid’s proprietary platform. Every homebuyer survey in the database is examined to calculate each builder’s overall rating. Avid’s New Home Experience surveys gather comprehensive homebuyer feedback, offering unparalleled insights into overall satisfaction, referral likelihood, actual recommendations, and strategic customer experience diagnostics for homebuilders.

To receive an Avid Award, each winning builder must achieve a score within or above the top 25th percentile across their Canadian-based counterparts.

Avid Gold Award 

This award is presented to builders with the highest scores in their region on the New Home Move-In Experience Survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership. Every province is eligible for one award each for Production, Custom, and Small Volume builder categories.

Avid Gold Award winners in the Canadian provinces are as follows:

  • Production: Laebon Developments Ltd. – Province of Alberta 
  • Production: Miracon Developments Inc. – Province of British Colombia
  • Production: Mountainview Building Group - Province of Ontario
  • Custom: Granite Homes - Province of Ontario 
  • Production: North Ridge –  Province of Saskatchewan
  • Small Volume: Homes by Dream – Province of Saskatchewan

      Avid Benchmark Award

      This award recognizes any US or Canadian builder scoring among the top 25% of Avid’s nationwide databases on the New Home Move-In Experience survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership.

      The winners of the Avid Benchmark Award in Canada are as follows:

      Brookfield Residential – Ontario LR

      Foxridge Homes – Vancouver

      Great Gulf Homes

      Mattamy Homes – Alberta

      Mountainview Building Group – Ontario, MR

      Terra View Custom Homes LTD

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