Lifetime Impact Gift donated to Pathstone Foundation

Pathstone’s School to be named Mountainview Centre for Innovative Learning

Today we are celebrating a significant gift that will leave a lasting impact for children who lean on Pathstone Mental Health for help.

A donation of $1 million from Mountainview Building Group will support Pathstone’s primary school on Merrittville Highway. Construction is already underway on outdoor play and education hubs that include two classrooms.

This school plays a vital role in Pathstone’s intensive therapy program where therapists work in collaboration with DSBN teachers. Students in grades 1 through 8 come from across the Region typically for one full school year. Our goal is to strengthen students’ emotional, social, and educational skills, to better equip them for future success when they return to their former school.

This Lifetime Impact Gift has been earmarked for a number of major projects at Pathstone’s educational campus which includes an outdoor space designed to enhance student engagement and connect them to nature. Studies have long shown exposure to education and play in an outdoor environment improves focus and retention, reduces stress and anxiety, and instills an element of calm in young people. Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR, Pathstone.

What I find incredibly inspiring is the passion of the people working at Pathstone and the way they splash their hearts all over, in the name of their students. We have seen first-hand the benefits of our past gifts and hope to continue to strengthen Pathstone’s ability to make a difference in people’s lives with this one. Watching people doing good moves me, and we at Mountainview want to do our part to make the walk easier for anyone who is struggling in any form. We are thankful to Pathstone for allowing us the opportunity to join their efforts in a significant way.
Mark Basciano, President of Mountainview Building Group.

Mountainview and Pathstone align in their core values, to strive for excellence in all that they do, lead by example, and demonstrate deep commitment to community. With Mark’s commitment to Pathstone, we are honoured to name our school after his company.

The Mountainview Centre for Innovative Learning will continue to serve as our primary school, and support other Pathstone programs. Our mission is to continue to move our organization forward through thoughtful, innovative thinking.

Mark truly understands the ‘big picture’ of investing in our children’s mental health. He is ultimately building a stronger and healthier community for generations to come and we are so fortunate to have Mark in our corner.
Shaun Baylis, CEO, Pathstone Mental Health.      

The entire team at Mountainview have been long-time supporters of Pathstone through sponsorships, lead gifts, and volunteer efforts. Mark’s first major project with Pathstone was the Mountainview Playground & Garden, a 10,000 square foot outdoor space, located at the Branscombe Centre in St. Catharines. Mark has also supported and mentored the philanthropic efforts of three local high school students who make up The Mane Event Team. This young group has raised over $40,000 for Pathstone over the past three years.

About Pathstone Mental Health

Pathstone Mental Health is a community-based organization whose mission it is to provide innovative and effective treatment for all children in Niagara who struggle with mental health issues. Thanks to support from our donors and volunteers, we are able to meet the needs of more kids and families in Niagara.

By Nicole Kennedy | Jul 20th , 2021 | Categories: In The Community