Mountainview LemonAID Day! June 12th

Mountainview LemonAID Day helps sweeten summer for kids in need. Join Mountainview Building Group and FACS Niagara to help send kids to summer camp!

LemonAID Day is happening June 12 all across the Niagara Region! Children, families and businesses will have the opportunity to set up their very own Mountainview LemonAID stand, with the proceeds of all lemonade sold going to FACS Niagara to send kids to camp. Join in the fun, for a family-filled day selling lemonade for a very worthy cause.

A few years ago, Jaden and Kaitlyn had the idea to set up a simple lemonade stand in their front yard, raising money to help send a child to summer camp. This generous idea has turned into a much bigger region-wide event.

On June 12, a total of 100 LemonAID stands will be set up across Niagara, in every municipality. All proceeds from donations will go directly towards FACS Niagara to send kids to summer camp.

“Mountainview LemonAID Day is all about kids helping kids, while encouraging our entire region to get involved and support those who need it most,” says Mark Basciano, President of Mountainview Building Group. “Our team is excited to be part of this event, and we look forward to a fun day, raising donations to support children within our community.”

As a proud partner, Mountainview Building Group, along with FACS Niagara are encouraging everyone in the community to get involved! Adults, businesses, families, teams, kids, friend groups and more, can register now for their own LemonAID stand, or join an existing team.

Teams will be provided with everything needed to run the stand, including lemonade concentrate, pitchers, cups, directional signs, instructions, t-shirts and hats, and a stand to be assembled on a four to six foot table. All teams are encouraged to make their stands unique, from choosing a team name to decorating the stand itself. Mountainview LemonAID Day is a fun, simple way to give back to the community.

“Every child should be able to attend summer camp, as it’s a great way for them to get involved, make memories and have lots of fun,” says Caroline Polgrabia, President of the FACS Niagara Foundation Board. “We have a big goal this year, and we can’t wait to see the smiles on so many kids’ faces as they head to camp this summer.”

100% of donations raised at every stand will be used to send vulnerable kids to camp this summer. To learn more about Mountainview LemonAID Day, and to register or join a team, visit the FACS Niagara Foundation website at

By Nicole Kennedy | May 12th , 2022 | Categories: In The Community