Purchaser Q&A with The Jandu Family at Lyon’s Creek

“Everything in this house is so good that I couldn’t live without any of it. We wake up to a beautiful home, so well planned and built, that we love having a Mountainview home.”

Q: What is your favourite thing about your new Mountainview home? 

A: The first thing that interested me was the design of the house on the outside. Other things I loved were the front porch and then, the distribution of space inside the house. There’s really nothing that I did not like about my Mountainview Home.

Q: Why did you choose Mountainview? 

A: I had to come to Niagara-on-the-Lake, I saw houses in Grimsby, Beamsville… nothing really appealed to me. My friend had recommended that I come over to Lyon’s Creek, Niagara Falls and from Day 1, it was love at first sight between the location, the home plan options and the sales team leading us through the building process.

Q: What floorplan did you choose and why? 

A:  We wanted the biggest house that they had on the subdivision and the Kingsbridge plan was the biggest at 3,300 sqft. The reason we choose the Kingsbridge was because we have children and grandchildren, 18 people including spouses, and we wanted the space for them to be able to come stay and be comfortable. When the kids and grandkids come over, they have free range over the four bedrooms, media room, and main floor – they just have a ball and they love coming to this house!

Q: What community are you in, and what is the best part about the location? 

A: We are in Lyon’s Creek and the best parts of this community is that it's so close to the Falls, with great restaurants all around, and it's walking distance to the marina! Last of all, the people here in Lyon’s Creek are so incredibly friendly and welcoming. There’s never a walk I go on that I’m not greeted with a warm hello.

Q: Favourite feature of your new kitchen?  

A: I love the way the kitchen plan was laid out. The kitchen island was built exactly to the size we wanted incorporating a beverage fridge across from the bar where the pantry used to be.

Q: What do you get the most compliments on in your new home?

A: First of all, as soon as someone walks in, the foyer, living room and huge dining room make a great impression. There’s just so much space. Our guests admire the beautiful spiral staircase and then are amazed by how well the family room and kitchen are naturally lit. We get complimented on it all!

Q:  What is your favourite memory you’ve made in your new home so far? 

A: That's a difficult question to answer but I will say the experience of dealing with Mountainview and building this home has become a memory for me. And it’s a fond memory as I've already built four properties with Mountainview. 

Beyond the great home product, it’s been a pleasure to working with all the various departments from Sales, to the Architecture Draft Studio, Design House, Construction, and Service. They worked together to help us plan, build and live comfortably in our home.

Q: What are you most excited about in your new home? 

A: The biggest excitement we have is when our children and grandkids, our friends, their children and grandkids come over. And it is just a pleasure being in this house and all the memories we make when everybody comes over. We take pictures and videos of everyone running around in this house and it’s beautiful because life is family. And this house commemorates that.

Q: Did you customize your floorplan? If yes, what did you do? 

A: We added a private balcony at our master bedroom, which also gave us a covered roof over the patio area. We also widened our garage to accommodate our larger SUVs, and while I wasn’t expecting the builder to allow this change, it was to my surprise that they did, in addition to upgrading the size of our garage doors to 9’.

Q: How did the MV team make your journey simple and stress-free? 

A: That is an easy question! Right from Sales Professional, Lisa, who helped us pick our plan and lot in this community, was so easy to work with, was clear in explaining the building procedure and how everything works. I was then introduced to Architectural Designer, Anthony

who helped perfect any structural changes to my floor plan. I had the opportunity to meet both Terri and Enrico of the Design House, who had superior knowledge of the product. Step-by-step, when it came time to do several house inspections, my Site Supervisors, Ed and Chris, as well as the trades were so knowledgeable and accommodating to my questions. Even after moving in, it was so simple getting a hold of the Service Department and Site Supers when I had an issue with my home. They’d get me a response within an hour! It was a wonderful experience all-around.

Q” Fill in the blank: My _________ is something I cannot live without!

A: Everything in this house is so good that I couldn’t live without any of it. We wake up to a beautiful home, so well planned and built, that we love having a Mountainview home.

By Nicole Kennedy | Apr 21st , 2022 | Categories: Homes